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The importance of higher education:


The Suntree Foundation works to establish partnerships between our global partners and k-12 schools here in the United States. Unfortunately, we have many more schools on our list of available global partners than we can find support for, and many of the Global schools’ needs are beyond what k-12 schools can raise. Here, we need colleges and universities to step up and step in, allowing us to provide aid to the most impoverished schools, and supplying the many schools on the waiting list with much needed basic supplies until partners can be found.


How it works:


The Suntree Foundation appoints College Liaisons to oversee fundraising efforts at each campus. Each College Liaison will work with the College Coordinator to set up and maintain fundraisers. The Suntree Foundation recommends that College Liaisons follow these steps when considering a fundraising strategy:


Step 1: Investigation

· Find out how fundraisers work on your campus. What paperwork is necessary? Will you need to start a club or could you partner with an existing one? How do clubs transfer funds to outside organizations?

· Find people who would be willing to help. Would any of your friends be willing to help you? Do you know of any clubs that would like to support a humanitarian effort?

· Know how much time you will need to set up and organize a fundraiser on your campus.


Step 2: Education

· The Suntree Foundation will supply you with materials to enable you to promote your fundraiser, including brochures, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, posters and any other materials you may need. If necessary, representatives of the Foundation can arrange to visit your campus to help you promote.

· Take your message to clubs and organizations, professors, staff, and students, and rally support for the cause.


Step 3: Implementation

· Decide on when to host your fundraiser. The Suntree Foundation recommends that there be at least two fundraisers per year on college campuses.

· Fundraise! The big moment is here; work to raise funds and awareness. Every person who contributes should understand what they are contributing to and why.

· Once your fundraiser is complete, funds will then be transferred to the Foundation and wired to schools around the world. As soon as funds are deposited, a receipt will be returned to you. The Suntree Foundation will also return receipts and pictures from the schools where your funds have made a difference.


100% of funds raised by schools go to support our Global partners!


Step 4: Evaluation

· Once you’ve completed your fundraiser, take a moment to evaluate the experience. What were the successes? Where could you improve? Now, you will be able to work with the College Coordinator to build more effective fundraisers in the future.

· Send information to the Foundation, including pictures and summaries so that your fundraiser can be posted on our website and inspire others!


Participating Colleges and Universities


University of California, Riverside— Visit webpage


Want to help?


If you are a college student and would like to become a College Liaison, or would like to find out more about Suntree Foundation Colleges and Universities, please contact the College Coordinator, Juanita Urrutia.