About Us


Our Mission

The mission of the Suntree Foundation is to encourage American schools to partner with schools around the world so that enduring relationships can be established and a more equitable educational experience can be brought to children that are without the resources and means to learn.    


In Addition

Sustainability is the key to the future development and existence of mankind. Intertwined with the efforts to provide education to primary age children around the world is also the goal of achieving a sustainable environment. Where possible, funds raised for the support of our schools can come from the recycling and the redemption of the bottle deposit tax and other conservation efforts. Conservation not only allows for funds to support schools, it also keeps environmental pollutants from endangering the lives of already vulnerable children.


Our Origins

The Suntree Foundation  began with a handful of dedicated high school students and one inspirational teacher, Ms. Lorie Suntree, for whom the organization is named. This  small environmental club, ECO (Environmental Conservation Organization) developed the philosophy titled “An Environmental Cause with a Humanitarian Heart,” by recycling the hundreds of thousands of bottles and cans discarded around their campus. The proceeds were used to provide aid to a small school and orphanage along with a health clinic in the African nation of Uganda. As ECO became known for its efforts throughout Southern California, members of the club were invited to present their mission at youth environmental summits and schools in the area. After many of the students graduated, they decided to continue their mission, forming the Suntree Foundation. Today, the Suntree Foundation is actively promoting the "An Environmental Cause with a Humanitarian Heart" concept to schools and the public through their School Partnership Program. 

Members of Valley View High School ECO Club in 2009. Lorie Suntree, club advisor, and several members of ECO Club formed Suntree Foundation in 2009.